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Imperial Point Wrestling produces top of the line fully custom wrestling uniforms. We are proud to present unique styles with superior quality. Our custom wrestling uniforms will make your team stand out from the competition and most importantly “Rule the Mat.”
Imperial Point Wrestling is proud to present its IMPERIAL POINT ADVANTAGE. In the field of competition there has always been a major advantage for the home team. Players feel confident and comfortable on their own gym floor with the crowd supporting their home team.  This provides a competitive edge to the home team before the match has even started. Imperial Point Wrestling believes in the same concept for production. We believe in the concept of production in the United States of America. All of our fabrics are sourced from American Mills. Our factories are  setup in the United States of America. Our custom uniforms are sublimated and assembled by American workers. By focusing production in the United States of America, we are able to provide an elite product, which is made exactly to your specs for your team. We deliver high quality products on time and take pride in our company’s reliability. This is the IMPERIAL POINT ADVANTAGE.